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By Erinn Hearty

If love flows like a river, mine is black, still and

Filled with soil up to the brim

I take a bite and I'm poisoned as you hold

His soul for ransom

An act that displays only carelessness

Accompanied by a state of despair

A martyr to my own devices

In love and war all is fair


Why do I fall in love with strangers?


I’m entangled with the righteous

For what I hope for never succumbs

Only the sinful feed like the lions

The meek hope for the rainbow after the storm

While the go getters devour on nightmares and lust


Why did you steal my sun?


My insides are pure as snow

My fears created monsters

Winged creatures

The road ahead is paved yellow while you

Stand there stained red

I wanted to call you home

His gaze foretells whether I'll stay standing in my shadow                                          

As I wait still and numb

His soft face ebbs in my past while I try to garner the moon

Baby blue, love lost, hope circles back around

I only hold dead roses as the queen sits on her throne

And takes my crown

Love died with your eyes, so I can no longer hold your stare

My heart stays cold as I blanket the clouds so I don’t have to bathe in your sins

I swallow your pain as I take your memory in vain


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