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Long evening sunsets flowed

Growing up, summers ago

That evening light ever glow

Shadows dark & long

and light so warm

Painted my bedroom walls

golden orange pink,

bright piercing seared

on walls of my memory

In this place called home

You made it scary

to be around you

to eat in front of you

to speak in front of you

Around the kitchen table

everything had to be right

And when it wasn’t

it was the silence in your voice

where your anger was the loudest

Where being angry wasn’t enough,

your shadow of anger loomed

Annoyed, dark growing

Temper, slowly looming

Anger, heavy stewing

Let loose with no warning


Words flying

And I shrink, cover

away from all,

from you

It was your words of anger

that spoke the loudest

Because you never wanted to hear

what I wanted to say,

so there was no reason to say

or speak to you

And now I’m quiet

Shouting yelling

your anger so loud

painted a memory’s frame

Where you left scars on the walls

these walls of memory’s time

In this place called home

where sunsets shadow long

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