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hold the monster in your arms,

feel his spikes against your skin,

it hurts but you can’t let him go.

love soothes the pains and aches.

he can’t help it; it isn’t his fault.

plus, he always says he’s sorry.

you know it’s just what he is.

so you always forgive him for all

the marks he leaves on your body.

he likes to hide under the covers,

in bed with you, where his

dangerous claws rip you to shreds.

this monster didn’t kidnap you,

force you into his dungeon,

you ran to him like a damsel in distress.

you thought true love’s kiss

would break his evil curse,

turn him into a charming prince.

the idea of loneliness scares you

more than the monster ever could so

you hug him tighter to your bloody chest.


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