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I share a room with a demon that lives in my head,

The nights are unsettling and consumed by dread.

The thing’s he says are so untrue but it’s not what

He says it’s what he forces me to do. When I

See his face my blood runs cold, the story until

Now has remained untold. You see this demon

Is depression and it makes me feel blue, a

Lost soul to the evening shadows and morning

dew. I am anxious and enslaved to these feelings

I have and more often than not this demon drives

Me mad. I wake up in the morning but it’s

The darkness I see, I can’t understand why this

Bastard won’t let me be. I struggle within

And fight the thoughts that I have but my

Weakness is his strength and it makes me

Feel bad. Medication is a crutch and it weakens

His hold but the reality is that his grasp is twofold.

He has a hand on my mind and the other on my

Throat and he steals the air that keeps me afloat.


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