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Every day I wake and my addiction decides

How it will live today and shorten my strides

It’s a fickle thing aspersion, easy to cast on the vulnerable and weak

Maybe if you stopped for a minute you would hear my addiction speak

See the thing with it, the thing you don’t see

Is I don’t have an addiction, my addiction has me

My body is the temple of which it choices to reside

It torments, teases and tortures that’s what I live beside

But I will roll the dice, put my life on the line and take that gamble

To avoid the inevitable preamble

Addiction is a choice son, a muddle, a mind-set, totally self-inflicted

A junkie, alcy, an addict that’s how I’m depicted

Ignoring my being and ridiculing my existence, feeds only my pain

This predator protects and punishes my brain

The truth is, I’m not sorry, why should I be

Engaging in this poisonous relationship is the only time I feel free

From the invisible trauma of the past, from the ridicule of my existence

It is always there through, to provide much needed assistance

My addiction allows me to control my thoughts, it’s my greatest affliction

And it will always be, my strongest jurisdiction

Until a time society realigns the standard

Maybe then I will no longer be slandered

My addiction has stuck with me through it all, it has kept me alive

I am Everybody’s Child, now it is over to you to help me revive


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