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I forgot how afternoons could be simple and peaceful,

and how to lose myself in the murmur of the tide;

how life was – before the busyness, pressure and anxiety

- and ghastly decisions which muddle the mind completely.

How to close my eyes, absorbing the atmosphere,

appreciating the essence of the day, without it having to ‘count’.

I didn’t consider how a group of new friends could drift to the beach,

enjoying the break without guilt. I forgot how it felt to be healthy,

with a clear mind, and a future full of possibilities.

I learnt once again how to sit still, enjoying the breeze on my face,

and the smell of the seaside; how to watch a lone bird on a rock,

surrounded by water, and to casually wonder why

it was not with the others on the bank.

In this creamy sunlight, a pair of swans

are swimming in slow, silent circles.

The world has ceased spinning around me, and my spirit is lifted;

whatever the future holds, I am optimistic.


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