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By Leanne Webber

How can I expect to unravel?

When I tied myself up in knots?

The knots are in my back,

my shoulders,

my neck,

where once there were few,

there are lots.

I didn't notice them coiling.

they have tied up

and bound my free will.

They have wound up my body

into a ball,

immobilized me so I'm still.

How can I expect to unravel,

when I can't unwind

my own thread?

Trying to grasp it,

pull it and thread it,

but it deconstructs

in my head.

I tried to thread it through

the wrong needle,

it wouldn't fit through the hole.

Instead of looking through

different eyes,

I made sure it didn't unfold.

How can I expect to unravel,

when I haven't given it a chance?

I fool myself into thinking I have,

but I fail to let go and just dance.


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