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they take me to see the bone witch

stick out your tongue, she commands. I dream of

black tar flooding my mouth. wet-mouthed witch

on my neck, blood

on my teeth. you will be ill, she says

seeing things like that.

she is a small thing. her elbows jangle

I feel l could pinch her out

like a match

why do you stay here, she asks- my face

shuts like a desk. Maybe she can learn

to love me, I say

The bone witch laughs out-loud at that. oh yes?

and what would that teach you- that your worth

is a lesson? I hate her

for saying it. my dreams come back to me in waves

repeating suck

and surf, foam

on my ankles. You will heal, she says


water laps at her feet. She walks forward

and disappears. The tusks

on her forehead

winking out of the light.


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