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By Andrew LaRocque

When the sacred space is forgotten and life takes over our lives

When the Fool sits in twilight gazing into the Abyss before him

When the Magician puts down his wand and spills the elixir

When the Priestess ceases to seek and retires to the sanctuary 

When the Empress lays down the orb and shield, abdicating her throne

When the Emperor bows his head, rises and leaves his kingdom

When the Hierophant breaks the keys and destroys the pillars

When the Lovers fight and break apart, drinking deep the venom of jealousy

When the Chariot stops and yields to the foe

When Strength fails and leaves the field in defeat 

When the Hermit shutters his lantern and lays down his head

When the Wheel grinds to a halt and the four regain their footing

When the scales of Justice tip in favour of corruption

When the Hanged Man pulls himself upright and releases his bonds

When Death pulls the ferry ashore and leans upon the scythe to rest

When Temperance drains the cups and becomes the drunkard

When the Devil turns in shame and releases the chains, begging forgiveness

When the Tower in bright light stands upon high, rebuilt and resplendent 

When the Star ceases to shoot across the sky and crashes to earth, scattering the waters

When the Moon sets below and the crab returns to the sea, the dogs cease howling

When the Sun cloaked in darkest eclipse foretells the end

When the bitterness of Judgement consumes all in flame

When the Serpent releases its tail to swallow the World whole

When the wind whispers in our ears

When the shadows show us their secrets

When the heart finds joy

When we find our lives within life

Then shall Wisdom and Knowledge return and we shall live again.


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