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Space, wind, trees

Breathe in while you can — _little one — _the worst is yet to come

Alone you are not safe, alone you are vulnerable to the void

At death: blackness, nothingness, empty and bleak

And then rest in the bosom of the earth

Your body holding your soul intact

Your sleeping survivor resting until the planetary son returns:

Adam — a perfected genetic being, tall and radiant,

purple light emanating timelessly

And then Eve — _a beautiful, erotic creature

Genetic perfection

These two plant a garden and create the extractors,

these are place above your tombs, and are powered by portals:

Inter-dimensional gateways sending you a new spiritual body to wake up and offer itself to your dormant soul

Now you awaken to all experiences of lives and incarnations before

A spiritual computer chip activates the finer, more ethereal body now possessed

Your old body surrenders fully to the energy of the universe mother, who devours it with reverence and joy

You float up, and up, and up

Away from Earth and on to your new perfected existence


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