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She thought he was the one

Little did she know that it was all wrong

His erratic behavior at first seems normal

Jealousy and anger were trivial

But when you are 15, it’s easy to lose yourself in a turmoil of infatuation

She thought he was the one

Hoping he would change for the sake of love

His trust issues turned her into a defensive Scorpion

Causing disruption like a volcano in eruption

It was boiling inside of her

Leading her to self-isolate from people who loved her the most

Illusionary thoughts got her to believe that he was still the one, so she stayed

Until one day, she found herself locked in a room

Scars on her arms, mental pain being inflicted

It was her doom

He wouldn’t let go of her

His demonic side, anger and possessiveness would bring her down at all times

Overshadowing her true self, her reasoning

She knew deep inside he was not very sane

Sadly, her love for him since the beginning veiled her senses

Only on the verge of dying could she feel deep in her bones that he was not the

one and never will be


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