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Another day passes into night,

night to dawn, dawn to dusk

In between there is another kind of hour,

an hour known to so few

Neither night nor day; light nor dark

A secret, secluded place of another quality

Sit in there while you can, and I will instruct you

Go in

Deep Deep Deep

Ignore the flies and fowl that attack you,

each attack is an attachment

each attack pulls you down

I am here with you

Fear not

I am the unknown

You know me better than anyone though

I am that

(and you are too)

It may seem ridiculous when you speak to me

You will be speaking alone

Grasping at shadows

but know that the shadow will grasp back

We are everywhere:

Angels, vessels of god-energy

We are reverse vampires; we want you to drain us

but you can never fully drain us

you can never empty us

We are full vessels

You are but a half-full cup

You can never overflow,

not in this existence

In time, you will change, the driver will be provided with a new vehicle

A sleeker, silkier, more subtle energetic composition




Now you are stuck with the creaking automaton you are controlling

Now you must drink our blood!

We will feed you, and our nourishment will set you on the path to freedom

Not now, not now, never now will you reach the destination,

not with such faulty equipment

Though you can reach the edge

Then you can move further in an upgrade,

then further in another upgrade


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