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a soft, prudent kill

at the end of hardened limbs

one pill, two pill

excavating eternal bondage

a churning of 200 small mistakes

the grinding of one thousand small mountains

into the dust of a fervent bolting

a delicate “what if?” on the lips of a reckless wreck

flourishing in a glowing pool of acid

pleading with her bedside

hurling into mother’s room

screeching sorrowful dependency

beleaguered steps turn into gallant strides towards the car

only to the car, the car, the car, please just get me to the car

pausing at the lawn, flooding the first visible patch of green with a tangible past life

i spoke to the spiders who convinced me i wasn’t worth the upheaval

a marionette of shame

i reclaim my phantom limb, i speak to only her now

we collude in a dream, i meet the pavement with absolution


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