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Beleaguered, I lie entrenched in this state-

A state of constant denouement,

Bound by ties of fate.

One ability I lack, the one I do but seek

The ability to perish, the ability to sleep

Yet I know it does evade me

I am but what I am:

Nothing but expectancy

A mind of future darknesses

Caught up in iron tresses.

Veni vidi vici

I came, I saw, I conquered... I stole

Flames of retribution toll-

And now, oh bestial enmity

Curiously cruel, dancing eye;

Salutations to the eagle- the old friend

Whose return is an indemnity

Whose ways restore my reddened embers

Who too, knows nothing but this.

I am but what I am:

Consumed by

Reigned by

Exulted in



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