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The beauty and the body, glorified

And bold.

Narcissus as he walks among us

The sweetest of dew to sweetest of honey

Drawing you with ease and security,

Magnetising, colossal he chooses and ensnares

The deer and the dove, have no hope, chance, no freedom

As he feeds, gorges and satiates the unsuspecting soul

With false dreams, false words, false thoughts, false love.

The heart in his possession is black, nourished by inky moonless blood

Disdain and contempt encompass him for no other does he think.

An angel would you perceive him, though another ungodly there never was

Deceived yet another

Another fool who wished to believe

Until he has her,

Has you on all fours

Takes the light and swallows it whole, you perish

As he takes your essence and twists it raw

Until you believe his lies are yours.

Empty, you are gone, yet still you hold

You reach and grasp for a love,

A dream that was sold

Nemesis we call, she hears if you endure

Countless drops of tears stream into the endless days

The loneliest of nights,

The stifling reality that is love never requited

She hears and lures, through fleshy forests, to purest water

Narcissus follows her promise.

Gazes at his portrait, reflected in the lake

The smirk he renders suffers

As he realises with clarity,

The only life left is his own to take.


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