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By Gabriella Niles-Ewen

Satan cast his dark gaze upon me last night, Inviting me to dance in the infernal light.

A looming presence that I hopelessly obeyed, Entwined in a macabre waltz, my will betrayed.

The night whispered secrets, sealing a pact with the dark,

As he beckoned me closer, imprinting a sinister mark.

I sensed my heart plummet, fracture, then succumb,

Imprisoned in a mistake that cannot be undone.

In his clasp, I withered, wings torn and frail,

A captive to the darkness, caught in a tragic tale.

My body flightless, a marionette in the devil's play,

Struggling against the strings, a puppet in disarray.

Tangled in the threads of a malevolent scheme, My blood tainted black, a polluted stream.

I yearned for freedom, a chance to break free, From the chains that bound me to my destiny.

Lost in the labyrinth of his twisted design,

I searched for an escape, a flicker of a sign.

But the shadows closed in, suffocating my soul, As I danced on the edge with zero control.


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