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Take me to the deepest corners of your mind

To those shadow places kept hidden deep inside

Hidden from the world, from prying eyes

Hidden from those you love, safe wrapped inside

I can feel your suffocating despair

And how it all seems so beyond repair

Speak the words too dark to say aloud

Too shameful to admit to the crowd

Unpick the stitches that conceal your pain

You’ll see that mine are sewn just the same

Take off the mask you so skilfully wear

Heavy under the burden you bear

We have great sadness we carry within

Causing our once bright light to pale and dim

Pour out your most shattering secrets

Pick them out of the blackest pits

Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine

Upon these wounds we shall dine

Let me bear witness to your scars

Kept locked behind those steel caged bars

What words do those voices whisper to you

That leave your heart so battered and bruised

Upon your reflection your eyes do fall

Yet you see no good in there at all

Open your soul and let me see

The demons that there might be

Lurking in the coldest crypt

Upon your dreams they now sit

Find comfort in me, you are not alone

We all have things for which we must atone

I see in you the same as I

No need to turn away, to hide

Kindred in this torture, in this despair

Not alone, you now have a friend there


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