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There was no more celerity

No more flickering of hope

Just the spark in my hand

And the shadow that walked in front of me...

… The path of what remained

Which was the bitterness of youth

The movement of the age

And the loving of the street

Its crying light

Its caring shadows

Its valleys of memories

Its despair and its simple gestures

I suffocated my mind

With a tender embrace

We were one and nothing

And all the time that was left…

… Which would depart without goodbyes

There it was: The last, the first

And a glimpse into their mind

Nothing more and the only thing

This world could ever dare to offer

The crowd had disappeared into tomorrow

A single shout, a single now

Which was not seen, which was not felt…

… The moment had its reckoning

The beauty of the void

Flashes of death and sadness

The elegance of hell

Yearning for the end

For my friends who were so far

The distance in their eyes

When I looked beyond the path

No more gates into the world

Which lie beyond determination

The voyage was my suffering

Salvation in my veins

The angle of perspective

Defused the bomb that blew my eyes…

… Minions of light, knights of today

I hadn't seen the world until I dove into its madness


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