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I know how you feel because I’ve been there before

Alone, feeling trapped in the darkness



Lost in the eternal abyss

Forsaken from the light

From love

From companionship

From the world

You may feel as if you are alien

Wandering the barren wastes

You feel alone

You feel you don’t deserve these things

You feel you don’t deserve to feel human--

To be human--

What you can’t see

In the darkness of the abyss

In the waters of enmity

Are the hands reaching out to you

You may not see them at first

You may only see the darkness

And feel the frozen touch of despair

With hands of doubt around your neck

But I promise you they are there

Simply reach out--

Extend your hands into the darkness

Just reach for them

I promise you they are there

They are always reaching for you

Even if you cannot see them

Let them pull you out

Let them release you from your coil

Let them pull you into the light

Back into the world--

Back to where you belong


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