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like the sirens & red light howl

‘round our bedroom

to put out some fire down the street

that could happen here.

there is a point of no return in all things.

one strikes a match/ it catches flame & shares the fire

with candle and curtain alike.

one says too much - gets caught in false light

and at some point the heat arises

where it is too late.

what happened, so fast, we see as a slow fade

what seems to fade away

is only the rest of a spark that stopped burning,

the remains lingering long enough

to let us watch and believe there was a chance

to pull the blinds before it started.

what happens to something you lose sight of

before sight of it is lost?

rest assured, there’s still time to save it?... i’m afraid

that if you must do something about it,

there is nothing to be done.

there is a point of no return in all things & it is crossed

where no one can see around the bend

down the street.

what was once sweet about trying, turns sour.

after years and hours of trying to revive a fire

breathing life into the long expired.

what becomes of all the lost things?

when you were a kid and the balloon slipped from under your fingertips, you see it going,

going, fine until the crimson string is lost beyond the clouds.

you forget how it feels to have what was yours

but you never quite forget how it feels to know

You’ll never get it back & just like that

nothing fades like a promise unmade

nothing fades away like a stranger in bed.

i want to see where you’d go if i just let go

if such a living would make you desire me

if i didn’t breathe life into this flame

while you’re a fireplace for other people.

would I ever see you again

if i didn’t ask first?

what then of the fires

that need rescue from fading?


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