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"You can be anything you want!"

And parents tell children not to lie.

Sweet dreams child. Growing up is hard,

But wait until you have to wake up.

Go ahead, spread your wings. You have those of a fly.

The world pulls off one at a time.

The bigger they dream, the harder they fall.

Shoot for the stars, vanish into the void.

Hoping for that day, you’ll wait your life away.

In vain and insane.

In the real world, you’ll have only one dream: happiness.

Their way is every which way. Nothing makes sense.

It is what it is.

And it’s all there is.

You probably think you’re blind, seeing with your imagination so much.

But their propaganda is brilliant:

Promote the very few success stories, bury the myriad failures,

and tell young dreamers that quitting is unacceptable.

Work hard. You’ll inspire others and bring in business.

Soon enough, you’ll collapse because you gave them your all.

Bedridden, you’ll be dreaming more than when you were an infant.

Lights out.


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