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Welcome to my humble tavern

Let me serve you a goblet of wine

Of deep crimson, and a bit warm

You shall remember its taste for all time

It tastes like no wine you’ve ever had

That much I can guarantee

See, it’s not made of grapes

But of a source I can’t tell to thee

Now, I mustn’t share my secrets

Call it a merchant’s insurance

My competitors must not know

Confidentiality is my only assurance

So why not fill your cup

Once? Thrice? Nay, five times!

Drink up and let us celebrate

And share many riddles and rhymes!

Why you’ve had so much

You’re such a greedy thing, I surmise

You have no idea what you’ve done

You’ve cemented your own demise!

No wine has touched your lips

Not once this very night

Only the blood of innocents you’ve had

Your fate you cannot fight

I now own your soul

A simple tavern owner am not I

There is no need for introductions

It will only make you cry

The sun is now approaching

You shall follow me to my domain

And reside in the fiery depths

Ha! You should’ve left the “wine” remain!


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