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This body of water

Swallows bodies of our daughters,

bones of our sons.

Unforgiving, dark, forbidding,

Rolling roar at sinking sun.

Beneath, the beasts,

Insatiable, sleek,

Electrical activity

That signals what they seek.

Saline gargle, Panicked splashing,

Telltale sound of surface slapping

Sensing from distant continents

the scent of stress incontinence.

Heavy, tired, socks that slide

half way off feet

Already freezing,



of life

in ocean vastness

Muster all the power that you can harness,

Burning core, your microcosm

Water scorched and adrenaline sodden,

Rages in futility

Against elemental inevitability.

Release air, relinquish earth,

Extinguish fire and become water.

Hypoxia hallucinations,

Visions, sounds and strange sensations

Faces, flashes of conversations

In unfamiliar situations.

And pain.

And then peace.

Consciousness incorporeal,

Subaquatic, state surreal.

Watch from without

As you wash away

And lose the ability to feel.

No more pain

No more rage

No more age

No more aching

No more taking breaths before you speak.

No more breaths.

Only freedom.

Go with the waves.

Let them take you away.

This body of water

Swallows bodies of our daughters

And bones of our sons.


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