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The sun is shining but there’s a dull ache,

I should be feeling happy but I can’t shake this strange feeling of emptiness,

The tiny little hole that gnaws, opens closes beats in me and chews up stirs my soul.

A pain so mild I can’t describe it but a void so big that I have to try and hide it.

I’m on the outside looking in but this bug or this virus it claws at my skin.

I’ve got the scars from all the other times I’ve visited, the times I’ve opened up myself to let

out all the negative.

I’m trying to resist the temptation just to fall asleep because being sad is just normal, it’ll just

show that I’m weak.

But I’m stronger than a warrior, these scars show the test of time,

But I’m fragile as a chandelier and I’m done with feeling fine.

My life on social media is a life through rose pink specs,

But the world beyond the filtered beauty screams a mind that’s full of depth.

A magic sometimes dangerous and an ancient mind of gods,

Of spirits, treasures, skewed perspectives and all achievements forgot.

I’m battling a war of mind a land of self v self,

But talking makes it lighter, makes me more keen to ask for help.

So I’m asking now whatever struggles lay furled and trapped within,

Please know you’re not the only one and to feel sad is not to sin.


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