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Two in the morning, it’s cold and it’s dark,

Words in my head, leaving their mark.

Sitting on the doorstep, tearstained face,

Too scared to go back, need to give him space.

I can’t go on, can’t take this life, the fear, the hurt, the pain,

I find myself walking, barefoot, alone, slowly, in the rain.

The beach is dark, it’s quiet, and the sea it calls to me,

I enter in my nightdress, it is cold but I feel free.

My ankles, knees and now my waist, deeper as I go,

I stop, look around, and realise that I’ve never felt so low.

My mind goes to you, my baby son, I can’t leave you with that man,

No matter what he does to me, I’ll protect you while I can.

I cry and cry while standing there, then turn and walk to shore,

No matter how much pain I feel, mother’s love for you is more.

Four in the morning and I’m shivering, laying in my bed,

Just the smell of alcohol and his words left in my head.

I’ll get up soon, sweep up the glass, make everything alright,

Things always seem a little better, when darkness turns to light.


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