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You were growing on me

Like moss awakening and attaching

Mass awakening and hatching

Divine orchestration of the tectonic plates beckoning

Placing pressures on my body

Leaving a grotesque purple yellow brown dotted bruise

As they cruise over and under my body, the muse

I am caught amongst the energies shifting,

their uncontrolled drifting

please pull me out, away from Gwynn

Let’s see the soil debris left on my skin as

Freckles and birthmarks

Which we can dust off as ashes

To reveal scars of lashes from the crashes

Which tortured me under the patches of ground

Which the truth was found

Of where the masses of mosses cannot conceal

The fact that you were growing on me…

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Philip Capa
Philip Capa
12 dic 2022

Under the skin

Mi piace
Philip Capa
Philip Capa
12 dic 2022
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Mi piace
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