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Artificial and benign,

No ordinary creature

took grasp of my mind.

Right, Left,

Up, Down,

carving through my insides,

the violation of a Clown.

I spoke out,

“I’m scared”

As I began to drown.

I could hear my heart beginning to swell,

“Are you okay? You look unwell”.

I drew breath,

“Is this my last?

Is this my death?

If this is the end…

it happened too fast”.

“What did I live for? What about my dreams?

Is this how I go?”

Weak, Unsatisfied, and Obscene.

It made strides across my chest,

Creeping slowly up my neck.

I begged,

“No more! Just let me rest!”


I was ignored as it pressed

“Onwards and upwards!”

I said with a grin,

A defense mechanism I gained as her kin.

Now venturing up to the realm of my ear,

I shook terribly out of insatiable fear


It began to knock

Did it want out?

I went into shock.



I yelped grabbing a rock.

There is only one way to silence its mock.

Bashing, Bruising, Clawing, and Chewing

At my skin,

Desperate to be free

From this frightening entity.

Now bloody and bore

I was dragged home

unsteadily sore.

My parents opening the door,

“What happened? What’s wrong?!”

“What drugs are you on?”

“None!”, I let out.

“I was stung or bitten!”

The larva now,

overwhelmingly smitten.

Growing by the second,

My body its cocoon

I fell over slowly,

My heart out of tune.

Ripping and twisting out hairs from my chest

My mother panicked

and my old man did the rest.

“There is nothing there!”,

My father said to me.

“This is nothing more than your delusional anxiety!”


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