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By Weronika Alchimionek

they have left her frail body

at a wet shore

she was eaten by crazy men

who raped her and beat her out of her realities

on her head, was a black burka

what was left of her

laid peacefully on the white sand

found by a Thai man

a shocking frown was made upon his face

he ran up to her pieces, the torn skin,

the ripped black materials

he screamed with a stream of tears

falling down his nurturing face

'where is God?!'

'where is justice?!'

'justice is, my friend, something we need to fight for,'

her phantom floated in the hot air, 

she was an angel

'do not fear,' she spoke, as the air surrounding her grew sun rays

which enlightened the 

sandy beach

'don't give up, don't frown upon my beaten skin,'

she smiled hopefully

'they will never have my dignity'

he watched her phantom slowly dissolve into thick air

 ~is giving up your life worth it? worth it if it changes the world?


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