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By Cat London

All the ugly people

They take and then they spoil

I’ve seen them here before…

All the ugly people

They take and then what’s more

Refuse to give a penny to the God-forsaken poor

Not poorer to the penny

But with inability

To forage all the aisles

In a fish forgotten sea

Deplete of all its oxygen and living energy

Refuse to read the compass

‘stead plow into coral reefs

All the ugly people

Yes, they’ve pillaged now and then

When rid of ugly people

Well, they cometh round again...again...again...

They circle back like vultures

And leave you in the dust

Of hurried sideways panic

Moving quick and dangerous

I’ve seen some ugly people

Gosh, they’re ghastly as they might

I liken them to nothing on this earth or in plain sight

They’re nothing like a flower

And they’re nothing like a worm

They’re twisted and they’re cunning

Yet they aren’t like a germ

They’re something made from anti-heaven

Hell would spit them out

They come in droves from caves unknown

In sickness and in drought

They drink up all the water

And they even eat the sand

Just to be the first to act

The first without a plan

I’ve seen the ugly people

And we cannot shield our eyes

Tis now the time to stop them

With our truth amidst our cries

I’ve seen the ugly people

And they need right now convert

To life’s finalities

And stoic mantra of a birth

You cannot beat the expiration

And you cannot ‘er play

God May when you forage seas again

He bringeth then a fog

That stops them in the moonlight

So it shines upon their curse

Disrupts their cloudy vision

So much that it will reverse

A pain that’s plain sight vigilant

It scorns the life they wrought

Until they give the fish back

To the poor man with a cough

I’ve seen the ugly people A day so long to rest

When challenge they did to a God That stopped their damned incest

I’ve seen the ugly people

They took and then they spoiled

I’ve seen them here long....long...long....before.


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