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He climbed the tree

to see the world

but fell too soon.

Millions of followers

close to his heart

yet they were thousand miles apart.

In his glamorous world

he was always an ‘outcaste’.

Darkness was slowly accruing

in his heart.

Trapped in a glass dome,

he cried in excruciating pain

but in vain.

On the other side of the glass,

the people only saw him.

Never did they hear him.

And gradually, the lights turned dim.

His past, present and

future was blurred.

Forbidden memories clamoured.

He craved for a cure

But the anticipation of future

made his present so obscure.

A wide, un-bridged gulf.

The dark, dank vacuum

sucked the charm and freshness

of his bright, tender days,

leaving hope’s dying rays.

But that too slipped away.

And he decided to lose.

He could fight no more.

His smiles could not

conceal his wounds anymore.

As the reins fell loose,

his soul escaped surreptitiously

leaving behind a

fragile, exasperated body.

Hence, ceased the melancholy tune.

The dazzling flame of his life

sputtered and went out too soon.


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