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By The Bard of Bath, Tick Rowley

People will say you suffer

Tell you it could be better

Some will resonate

But you know they’re not on the same page

When the chains tighten

And you pray in hope that the future will be brighter

A demon in your system

Having a mind that cannot listen

If you can risk a dive into the river

You may come to a solution quicker

It’s not always saddles and sand bags

At times, it can be euphoric

A limitless ride when you switch it

You become a puppet to something

It happens in a flash, you’re everything or nothing

While you lie in that bed

Think thoughts of the pleasure of death

You wonder how you will get through

Others don’t understand the glory of you

The magic word of being insane

You see between the lines of the mundane

Life is a multi-dimensional cage

That doesn’t exist, until it does

And when it does, I’m still real

And so are all the thing I feel

I’m the angel walking on sunlight

Bringing with her stardust

I’m also the monster that reflects your shadow

I’m sweet and sour

I’m number one

I’m inconsolable

I don’t suffer the life of me

I am me, I am

The spectrum of being

I am free

Don’t tell me to stop

Because I can’t, I won’t

I’ll always choose the right

To express myself and live in hope


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