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I am a unit.

Connected yet apart.

With and yet without.

I wander alone in this populated world full of people,

merging momentarily.

confluence becomes divergence.

each time we come together we must separate and

form our own tributaries,

like chasms and continents,

floating further adrift until

we form new clusters of land

that break off and drift again.

like herds of animals we travel

until schisms take hold

and then we wander barren

landscapes in search

of resources for survival.

we strive to stay alive

and protect our young.

we are like flocks of birds that disperse

to find shelter from the elements;

like shoals of fish until one of us gets dragged down

by the undertow.

ever yearning for junctures of relatedness;

Protection, reflection, connection.

In those instants our bonds are eternal.

In the in-between those moments are

Necessary, transitory, internal.

In the solitary we discover our sovereignty; our self love.

we can journey together;

Our paths may cross with force or passion,

though even fathers and mothers,

sisters and brothers,

friends and lovers

must always find their own course.

And I must do too.


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