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116 123

Many battles have been fought and many have been lost,

Because we do not know what words could mean and what they really cost.

They hide behind a mirror mask, showing what we want to see,

Losing faith of everything they once wanted to be.

Darkness becomes a comfort for all those losing time,

Hiding behind the likes of which they say “I’m really fine”.

Being told that the brightest burnt the quickest was never once okay,

That only the good die young and the rest are left to pay.

To be told that everything will soon again be fine,

That the sorrow and the pain will fade away in time.

It’s true, I guess, that the pain will one day disappear,

But not without the ones you love and just a smidge of fear.

The fear first appears when admitting somethings wrong,

To those who can help you in becoming mighty strong.

Let’s take a moment to realise that being strong doesn’t cancel out pain,

Strength can mean that your battle is still going on to this day.

Although the planet is rather big and you sometimes feel alone,

I can assure that’s there’s more to life than what’s inside your phone.

The ones who care immensely are the ones who often know,

That sometimes when you smile, its mainly just for show.

People all around the world are suffering all alone,

Slowly losing focus on the ones they once called home.

I’d like to say on behalf of those, that the light is always on,

That we cherish you a lot and would never want you gone.

We care for your well-being, each and every day,

We’ll help you grow your confidence to make you want to stay.

For those who need help with who they wish to be,

Please, for the love of those around you, call 116 123.


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